Three Tips for an Unstoppable Two-Handed Backhand

Contributor: Mark Chung


The two handed backhand can be an effective tool in your arsenal, but as with anything, it will take consistent, intentional practice. In this blog we’ve got you covered and will teach you the three things you need to know to hit a great two-handed backhand. With these tips you’ll gain more control during the point and build confidence in the rest of your game.

Why a Two-Handed Backhand?

Because it’s dependable. Unlike a one-handed backhand, the two-handed backhand gives your more consistency and more power. With two hands on the rack, you won’t be pushed around the court by a heavy top spin ball from your opponent. Any ball struck above the shoulder is significantly more difficult to hit, but more importantly, puts you on the defense. A two-handed backhand gives you the power, control and consistency you need to make sure you’re in control of the point.

The Only Three Things You Need to Know

So what are the top things I need to know? Coming from a two-handed backhand player, I’ve accumulated over 20 years of experience hitting this shot and when all is said and done, there are only a few key things to keep in mind when hitting this. Here they are:

(In case you can’t wait to see the video for yourself, click here for it)

(1) Get in Position…QUICKLY!

Easier said than done. Because you’re hitting a two-handed backhand, you’re handicapped compared to those who hit one-handed backhands. In other words, you need to position yourself closer to the ball which means your footwork needs to be solid. Why? With a two handed backhand the sweet spot in which to strike the ball will be aligned with your front leg and between your waistline and shoulder level. As you’ll see form this video, getting to where the ball will be quickly will enable you to strike a solid backhand.

(2) Firm grip (non-dominant hand)

Hitting a two-handed backhand is like hitting a forehand with your non-dominant hand. In the case of right-handers, it will be there left hand. A commonly overlooked aspect of the two-handed backhand is the grip.  The right hand, if a right-handed player, takes a continental grip while the hand takes a western grip. The key point to note is that the left hand must have a firm hold on the grip at all times and control the racket head for speed and precision in swing. The right hand is simply there as a guide where as the left hand is meant to do most of the work.

(3) Follow through…ALL THE WAY

Following through is important to ensure you’ve completely finished your swing. A good follow through will look like the one in the video whereby the racket head finishes over the should. A helpful tip here is to swing and follow through to the point the racket head touches the center of your back.

Video Tutorial

Since a photo is worth 1,000 words and a video is probably worth 10x’s that, here is a short video breaking the back hand down for you: Video Tutorial

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